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Scientists and astrologers agree the Mayan people possessed supreme knowledge. These learned everyone was exponents of analytical thinking. They used scientific ways to produce theories of human existence. Based on meticulous planning and scientific observations, the Mayan people created calendar that computed our solar year to become 365.242306 days long.

These dire effects have then lead the scientists and astronomers who were studying this new planet X with a connection with the traditional prophecy foretold with the Mayan civilization. The Mayans developed a calendar titled "Long Count" which predicts that inside the 21st day of the month of December of the year 2012, a devastating event will need place that will offer an extremely big effect on our planet Earth and many types of its inhabitants.
The situation regarding 2012 is that the mayan long calendar which is many thousands of years old can finish with it a lot of people believe the planet can finish at the same time. Now there a variety of theories to this particular situation, ranging any where from polar shifts, planetary collisions & extreme earthquakes that would eliminate the whole population on earth.

Not everyone who may have an emergency car kit is really a radical survivalist or a "Doomsday Prepper" like those on the National Geographic show. As a matter of fact, the government (FEMA) recommends that individuals all incorporate some emergency supplies with us in our car. Still not sold? Let's look at 3 good reasons that you could be very glad you've got a kit in your trunk.

So what is this planet X mind you? Well, it this mysterious planet X can be referred to as planet Nibiru is often a recently discovered planet roaming and circulating just outside, inside the outermost space in our solar system. A group of astronomers could actually discover and somehow study this 2012 Doomsday Planet X by using a high level laboratory full-capable of infrared equipment, detection, and emission. With the help of their colleagues and material sources, they were able to somehow exclude that the arrival of this planet Nibiru might actually produce disturbing effects to the home planet Earth.

When you use a cyclic calendar, it is an easy task to envision another that suits into the calendar's pattern: after the times of each and every year go out, a new year and a whole new cycle begins. When you use a linear calendar with a definite start date and end date, you run in the inevitable question of the items happens following the last day. Is it the conclusion of time to be sure it, or can it simply imply we have to develop a new notation-or a riff about the old notation-that can extend farther to the future?

Now a brand new zombie reference has appeared, and that is a person so whacked out on drugs that they are ready to randomly attack and attempt to eat or bite their victims without addressing verbal commands or physical attempts to restrain them. I have to think Darwin is laughing his ass off as he watches this evolutionary step unfold.

Even Mother Nature has received its 'I've been with them day' with all the abuse and imbalances. Ultimately it'll be Mother Nature that forces these changes. Most of mankind is certain to get pushed with the door, in lieu of willingly walk though. Getting pushed occurs when you have waited too long. Willingly walking through those doors happens some time before the urgency and those that willingly walk through are section of the solution when everything falls apart. Those of you that walked though willingly in the past are already ridiculed to be a weirdo, a kook, a freak or even being negative. Maybe this lonely journey has at times made you are feeling like 'they' the so-called 'normal people' were right all along. But the "movie" hasn't played out yet so who knows?

Sooner or later, everything comes to an end. That is a universal fact of life. But what if that "end" is just a few short years away? Will it drive you mad or could it cause you to be an improved person? Well, in this post probably the most intriguing, notable and terrifying ends will probably be discussed - the possible end individuals dying and loving planet. Earth has billions of creatures such as plants, animals, and man. The once peaceful and happy planet has been prophesied to die due to one quite interesting reason - the arrival with the 2012 Doomsday Planet X.

This date, December 21, 2012 has led some scientists and philosophers to believe this is the last day of civilization. It is only a theory and it could be the Mayans just stopped at 2012 and meant to pick it up later. Still the question remains according to this along with other predictions, is December 21, 2012 the "end of days" described in Revelations?

This new year is no different to previous ones, having a various predictions being submitted for folks to take into consideration. One with the most interesting, that can more than likely create some interesting debate is the prediction with the apocalypse on December 21, 2012. Self-proclaimed 'Pseudo-scientists' are earning some very interesting predictions regarding the end of the world happening with this date. The most interesting thing to think about is even these so-called scientists can't even agree with how the earth will end.

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